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Client Reviews for Kevin Benjamin – Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

Kevin Saved Me From a Really Bad Situation

I hired Attorney Kevin Benjamin after I had made the mistake of relying on an incompetent, sloppy, lazy lawyer who made my financial situation worse - it was a real mess. Kevin took over the case and he immediately restored my peace of mind. I finally had a lawyer who cared and who knew exactly what to do. If you want a lawyer who will never let you down, hire Attorney Benjamin.
- Anna via AVVO
August 28, 2016

Great Attorney

Kevin Benjamin is an amazing attorney that I recommend to all my friends and family. Helped me save my home when other said it could not be done.
- Janice via AVVO
August 26, 2016

Excellent Lawyer

Took me 3 months and several consultations prior to hiring Kevin Benjamin. The initial consultation went very well, I hired Kevin because he was a patient man this was assuring. He was informative and wanted me to have a clear understanding of how the laws in bankruptsy would apply to my own situation. He outlined my options, the objectives in how he planned to achieve my goals. He was especially consistent with progress. In addition to his commitment, i most appreciated his preparing me for a fresh start to a good credit standing after the filing was completed. Thank you Kevin and a special thanks to your staff for following up with me.
- Anonymous via AVVO
February 18th 2015

I Recommend Kevin

I came to Kevin after speaking with several other attorneys. Kevin was thorough in giving me all my options. Bankruptcy was the best one fore me. He handled the case quickly and everything went smoothly. I recommend Kevin to everryone I know.
-Carol via AVVO.
February 17th 2015

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy - Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer Kevin Benjamin

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