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Illinois Car Repossession Lawyers

Having a car is a critical part of daily life. We rely on our vehicles from the morning commute to getting groceries and going to the doctor’s office. If you have received notices threatening repossession, contact a car prepossession attorney at Benjamin Brand, LLP at 312.853.3100 to schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your situation.

Repossession Laws in Illinois

If you default on your car loan, the finance company can repossess your car. Even if you missed only a single payment, they can take your car with no warning. However, there are some rules by which they must abide.

  • Repossession on public property only – It’s illegal for them to enter your driveway or garage to take the vehicle.
  • Notification of the amount due – The finance company must inform you of the total amount needed to get your car back.


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Repossession companies may charge storage fees in addition to the cost of the repossession. Before you pay the fees, contact a car repossession lawyer in Chicago, IL, to ensure the fees are reasonable.

Illinois Bankruptcy Laws

Stop Car Repossession - Reclaim Your Car

Bankruptcy laws stop car repossession. If you don’t have the money to avoid repossession or get your car back, contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago. At Benjamin Brand, we have a deep understanding of Illinois bankruptcy laws. Our attorneys can help you file Chapter 13 to reschedule your debt payments and save your vehicle.

Once you file for bankruptcy, the court imposes an automatic stay. This injunction halts all collection activity, including repossession. If your automobile has already been taken, a Chicago bankruptcy attorney may be able to help you recover it.

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By working with a lawyer to file Chapter 13 in Illinois, you can get help restructuring your debts into an affordable repayment plan. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to reduce the payment amount based on the lower value of your car.

Fight Car Repossession in Chicago

Under Illinois bankruptcy laws, you will have the option to surrender property, such as your car, redeem the debt or reaffirm it. To redeem the debt, you offer a lump-sum payment to the financing company to release the lien. Individuals filing for bankruptcy often redeem the debt by getting a loan from another lender to pay the amount due. An advantage to this is that the amount required by the current lender may be less than what you previously owed.

If you decide to reaffirm the debt, it means that you acknowledge to the court that you don’t want to discharge the debt through bankruptcy. You recommit to the loan and all of its terms by signing a new contract. The agreement must be filed 60 days after the meeting of creditors date.

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We understand how important your vehicle is. The compassionate team at Benjamin Brand, LLP can work to help you keep your car or secure its return. Contact us or call 312.853.3100 to schedule a free consultation. We offer flat fees so that you know up front how much your case will cost. Se habla Espanol.

Stop Car Repossession!

Keep your vehicle and find out if you can lower payments. Contact Kevin Benjamin, a bankruptcy attorney in Chicago.

Bankruptcy is a last resort. There may be alternatives that can help you deal with the financial burden. Call us at 312.853.3100 for more information about our areas of expertise and to find out which option is best for you.

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