Benjamin Brand Services – Loan Workout Attorney in Chicago, IL

KEVIN BENJAMIN: Generally speaking, our firm helps people get out of debt and fix their credit. We’re more of a boutique type of firm, customized personal service. We’re unique in that we do other types of law. We get you out of debt in different ways.

When a client first comes to our firm, we want to make them feel at home. So the first thing we do is help them know that we understand because this is what we do.

After we alleviate them and make them feel comfortable, the clients really like to know how can you help us, and that’s when we go into the various options and strategies that we can do for your particular case.

I think one thing that helps set us apart is our service. The clients have attention. We’re a boutique firm. We have our web-based systems that the client will access to have an accounting of their case at all times.

The number one thing I want our clients to know about our law firm is we’re going to fight for you. We change people’s lives. That’s what we do and that’s our reputation.

Why Choose Us?

  • You can meet with an experienced law Partner in the Firm not some associate.
  • We concentrate in foreclosure defense and bankruptcy so we have more options to offer you then other attorneys
  • We also represent individuals in Chapter 11's that offer better loan workout and restructuring options then Chapter 13 and most bankruptcy lawyers do not know how to do it.
  • We offer a free no obligation consultation where we will discuss your option or options, tell you the pros and cons of each one, the fees and costs and help you make an informed decision. There can be more then one solution!
  • We offer affordable payment plans and fixed fees in most cases.
  • We have the specialized knowledge to incorporate your student loan debt into your bankruptcy protection
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