Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Chicago, IL

Are you facing foreclosure in Chicago?

At Benjamin Brand, LLP, we can do everything in our power to help you keep your home. We can protect you against the bank’s threats and harassment. Choose our foreclosure defense lawyers today and we can work with you personally to create a customized plan that can save your home.

Reasons to choose our attorneys over others in the Chicagoland area include:

  • We can defend your home with aggression and raise the issue in the state court
  • We can look for violations in the security chain
  • We are able to investigate to see who exactly has the right to foreclose on your home
  • We make the bank prove they have the right to foreclose, which can be very difficult

How can our law firm help protect your home?

If you are currently at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, the first thing that you need to do is contact a foreclosure defense attorney from our law firm. Our firm is known for providing active, aggressive help in these cases. Not only can we answer the claim, but we can defend it in state court.

In modern times, cases of foreclosure can be difficult because of how often ownership is transferred. It is not uncommon for a mortgage to be packaged with securities and then sold multiple times. When this happens, it can become convoluted and difficult to determine who has the right to foreclosure.

Therefore, when we take on a case, one of the first things that we will do is make the bank prove that they actually have the right to foreclose, which can be extremely difficult in most cases. Should they face an error in the chain of securitization or title, it may be nearly impossible for them to prove that they have the right. Due to this level of difficulty, many banks may accept a loan modification proposal.

Putting a Stop to Foreclosure by Filing Under Chapter 13

One option that we can help you to pursue is filing for bankruptcy. In cases where a bank is unwilling to accept a loan modification proposal, we can help you to consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As soon as you file, you will get to experience the benefit of the automatic stay, which will immediately put a stop to any foreclosure proceedings. This will give you breathing room to catch up on your mortgage.

Don’t give in when you receive threats from the bank! Call Benjamin Brand, LLP at 312.853.3100.

Why Choose Us?

  • You can meet with an experienced law Partner in the Firm not some associate.
  • We concentrate in foreclosure defense and bankruptcy so we have more options to offer you then other attorneys
  • We also represent individuals in Chapter 11's that offer better loan workout and restructuring options then Chapter 13 and most bankruptcy lawyers do not know how to do it.
  • We offer a free no obligation consultation where we will discuss your option or options, tell you the pros and cons of each one, the fees and costs and help you make an informed decision. There can be more then one solution!
  • We offer affordable payment plans and fixed fees in most cases.
  • We have the specialized knowledge to incorporate your student loan debt into your bankruptcy protection
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