• Illinois Bankruptcy Court Facing Eviction from Will County Courts

    The Northern District of Illinois Bankruptcy Court is looking at possible eviction from their courtrooms in Joliet. Will County has seen an increase in court cases because of population growth, and now needs more space.

    An extension on an existing lease is due to expire soon, and Will County Judge Gerald Kinney said he needs the courtroom to accommodate his own crowded court system.

    Kenneth Gardner, clerk of the bankruptcy court, said that the courtroom has been in its current location since the 1990s, before Will County bought the building. He said 7,548 cases were filed there in 2010, originating in Grundy, Kendall, LaSalle, and Will counties. It was the court’s busiest year since 2005.

    Kinney told county board members the bankruptcy court cases could wind up in Chicago, but Gardner said it would seek a new courtroom in the area to keep them local. “Our intent, for sure, is to stay there,” Gardner said.

    Kinney said Will County’s main courthouse is crowded and fails to meet security standards set by the Illinois Supreme Court. The county is expecting to receive five new judges in 2012 because of its population growth.

    Kinney said he’d work with the bankruptcy court to give them time to find a new location.

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