• Aldermen, Teachers Seek Safe Passages

    “The foreclosure crisis is taking a toll on our city,” Alderman Bob Fioretti told the Chicago Tribune on October 2, 2011. Fioretti and Alderman Deborah Graham were joining the Chicago Teachers Union and the group Action NOW at a press conference outside Leland Elementary School in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood to announce the proposed Safe Passages ordinance.

    The Tribune said banks would be required to “hire watchmen from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to keep an eye on vacant properties within a thousand yards of a school,” or face fines if the city council approves the measure. The teachers union says the shift to longer school days for some locations makes the matter more urgent, and the district has boosted funding for its own program that uses “community watchers to monitor students traveling in rough neighborhoods,” according to the Tribune.

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  • GDP Growth Is Weak, But Improved

    The third and final estimate for the quarter from the Commerce Department “pointed to slow growth rather than a recession” as consumer spending and export growth helped gross domestic product grow at an annual rate of 1.3 percent, Reuters reported on September 29, 2011. Export growth rose at a 3.6 percent rate while imports increased at a 1.4 percent rate, leaving a smaller trade deficit. Trade contributed 0.24 percentage point to GDP growth, Reuters said. After increasing 2.4 percent in the first quarter, gross domestic income also rose at a 1.3 percent rate in the second quarter. Reuters said details of the GDP revisions “were consistent with an economy that is on a slow growth track rather than sliding back into recession.”

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