• Austin Seeks Inclusion In Emanuel Foreclosure Program

    The chairman of the Westside Ministers Coalition and spokesman for the Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (COP) has demanded that Chicago’s Austin community be included as a targeted area to benefit from the $15 million Foreclosure Recovery Program announced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel on August 17, 2011.

    According to ChicagoNow.com, Rev. Dr. Lewis Flowers and other Westside Ministers Coalition leaders and clergy immediately began to contact local aldermen to find out why the Austin community is being “left-out.” The Woodstock Institute, a nonprofit research and policy organization, reported that 887 Austin properties went into foreclosure in 2010, second-most in Chicago. The organization also reported in January 2011 that Austin had the fourth-most number of “red flag” properties of Chicago communities, which are “troubled vacant properties where a foreclosure has been filed, but no outcome has been reached.”

    The Institute’s report showed that foreclosure problems were largely concentrated on the South and West Sides of Chicago, and foreclosures were much more common in predominantly African-American communities.

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  • Foreclosure Fraud in California Shut Down

    The California Department of Justice and the State Bar of California recently sued a group of California lawyers for taking millions of dollars from homeowners by promising them relief on home loans and foreclosures. The lawyers attempted to defraud homeowners by marketing “mass joinder” lawsuits to homeowners across the country, which made participants pay up to $10,000 in retainer fees for bad legal advice.

    The victims of the fraud believed that the lawsuits were the only way they could receive justice, but they were unable to get answers to even simple questions about pending foreclosures. The law firms involved are based in Calabasas, Costa Mesa, Walnut Creek, Agoura Hills and Encino, California, but they sent over two million pieces of mail soliciting homeowners across the country. The state plans to seek tens of millions of dollars of fines, penalties and restitution for the swindled homeowners.

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