Home Sales Increase While Prices Decrease

Home sales for the Chicago area rose 27.6 percent to 7,187 homes sold, while the median price of $176,500 was a 10.4 percent decline from the $197,000 recorded in August 2010, the Chicago Tribune reported on September 21, 2011. A report from the Illinois Association of Realtors also showed that 1,787 homes were sold in August within the city of Chicago, up 20.3 percent from a year ago.

The Tribune also noted that Chicago condo sales increased 22 percent to 1,027 units sold but the  $242,500 median price of those units was a 10.5 percent drop from the $271,000 price one year ago. Every county in the Chicago area had double-digit sales increases in August compared with one year prior, but sales for the year to date remain negative. The Tribune also noted that a survey of 111 economists and real estate experts conducted for MacroMarkets LLC showed “downward pressure on home prices is expected to continue and could mean a decade-long poor showing for the housing market.”

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