Credit reporting mishaps cause unwarranted foreclosures

There are a variety of reasons why an individual files for bankruptcy .  Usually the main cause is the person’s inability to handle debt. Other times the main cause is unemployment.  But there are occasions when no person is to blame.  Sometimes it is the banks that are solely to blame.

A large majority of people in Chicago, the state of Illinois, and nationwide, are at the mercy of banks and their credit reporting practices.  Take for example the tale of a Chicago business owner who recently filed for bankruptcy.  She was in the business buying and flipping houses, when her bank began double- reporting her loans to credit bureaus.  The action made it appear she was overextended and seriously in debt. With a plummeting credit score, she was unable to refinance her homes. With her savings completely depleted, she could not make any of her credit payments.  She was forced to file for bankruptcy.

What was the cause of the doubling dipping on her credit report? “Bank A acquires Bank B, and during the absorbing of Bank A something goes awry and accounts get misreported to the credit bureaus,” said one credit reporting expert.  That is exactly what happened to this unfortunate Chicago resident.

The result has led many Chicago bankruptcy and credit report audit attorneys to start investigating further the exact cause of their client’s financial woes.  What the attorneys are beginning to notice is that their client’s problems may have been caused by forces outside their control, such as the double reporting of debts to the credit agencies.

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