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Bankruptcy Garnishment Defense Lawyer

The only practical way to stop the garnishment of your wages is through filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or
Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy protection under either of those chapters a part of that protection is what is called an automatic stay. All collections activities must cease immediately after you file for bankruptcy under penalty of law. This includes the garnishment of your wages. However, a wage garnishment based on unpaid child support or spousal support will be exempt from the automatic stay.

At Benjamin Brand Services our Chicago wage garnishment defense attorneys can help you stop a wage garnishment and can seek the return of wages that have already been garnished.

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Stop Wage Garnishment and Fight for the Return of Garnished Wages

Our firm utilizes aggressive litigation tactics in our bankruptcy representation. These tactics can help you secure the return of money that has already been garnished. Under the bankruptcy code there is a certain amount allowable under the exemption rules. Various exemptions apply to bankruptcy. There are exemptions for equity in your home and in your car for example.

We can seek the return of those garnished wages. Any amount recovered over and above the exemptions will be applied to the resolution of your debts. This can be beneficial in that it can put money in your pocket and help pay off your debts.

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  • We have the specialized knowledge to incorporate your student loan debt into your bankruptcy protection
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