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Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

If your bank is trying to foreclose on your home we can provide active and aggressive help. We will answer the complaint and actively defend it in state court. Our Chicago foreclosure defense attorneys will look for violations of the chain of securitization.

In today’s mortgage marketplace, many people’s mortgages have been packaged as securities with other mortgages and sold and resold multiple times to different investors. Given these transfers of ownership, it can be difficult to determine who actually has the right to foreclose on your property.

We Make Them Prove They Have the Right to Foreclose on Your Home

At Benjamin Brand Services, we will make whatever bank is trying to foreclose on your home prove that they actually have the right. For many of these banks, proving that they are the right party to be foreclosing on your house can be very difficult. Any error in the chain of securitization or title can derail a bank’s attempts to foreclose on your property.

Creating that level of difficulty for those banks can be a great incentive for them to accept a proposal for a loan modification that actually helps you stay in your home.

Stop Foreclosure With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If a bank is unwilling to cooperate and accept a loan modification that will keep you in your home, we always have the option of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The automatic stay that occurs when you file for bankruptcy will put an immediate halt to any foreclosure proceedings and any other collection activities. You can utilize Chapter 13′s repayment plan to help you become current on your mortgage.

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Why Choose Us?

  • You can meet with an experienced law Partner in the Firm not some associate.
  • We concentrate in foreclosure defense and bankruptcy so we have more options to offer you then other attorneys
  • We also represent individuals in Chapter 11's that offer better loan workout and restructuring options then Chapter 13 and most bankruptcy lawyers do not know how to do it.
  • We offer a free no obligation consultation where we will discuss your option or options, tell you the pros and cons of each one, the fees and costs and help you make an informed decision. There can be more then one solution!
  • We offer affordable payment plans and fixed fees in most cases.
  • We have the specialized knowledge to incorporate your student loan debt into your bankruptcy protection
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